San Francisco: a two-day itinerary

Last November I visited California for my very first time. Maybe because of the TV shows I have grown up with, maybe because of the sunshine and the exciting tech culture, California in general and San Francisco in particular have been on my bucket list for years. During my three-week trip, I spent around 10 days in San Francisco and the remaining time in South California, visiting both San Diego and Los Angeles. While in SF, I worked for a week at my company’s HQ in Oakland – which left me with just one weekend to explore this beautiful city….

new york travel in four days

Exploring New York: if you only have 4 days

So, I did it. In a time-span of around three weeks, I quit my job, took my remaining days off and booked a flight to New York. As crazy as this may sound, quitting a job that wasn´t making me neither happy nor proud any longer was the best decision I could make at this point in my life. And taking advantage of the shamefully cheap last-minute flights to New York I saw on the Internet just seemed the perfect way to unwind before starting with a new challenge. This has been my very first time in the City. New…