Wardrobe essentials: chambray shirt

Although Berlin is still pretty cold (it has been around 4 ⁰C today, brrr), these days you can feel that spring is – eventually! – coming. The days got a big longer, the sky got a bit brighter and, every now and then, one can even see the sun shining timidly through the windowpane.

One of the things I love about this time of the year is that you can start digging out your favorite spring clothes from the bottom of your wardrobe, and – especially if you don´t live in Berlin 😉 – by the end of the month you can even start wearing that pastel colored dress you bought last year on sale. Also, you can replace the bulky dark colored down coat with your classy light-beige trench coat. Not to mention the shoes: with spring being just around the corner, you can finally take off those leather ankle boots and start wearing some nice and comfy sneakers or ballerinas instead.

Still, not all winter clothes are to be buried in the bottom of your wardrobe. Of course, some of them – like the aforementioned down coat – won´t see the daylight until next winter. However, some other items can still be used in spring – and even all the way through summer – if you wear them with the right outfit. One of these extremely versatile pieces of clothing is the so-called chambray – or denim – shirt.

denim shirt
Photo credits: http://www.fifideluxe.com/2014/06/shades-of-grey/

If you just have a quick look around the Internet, you will notice that every second fashion blog features the denim shirt as a must-have basic piece of clothing or a “staple for any wardrobe”. Indeed, not only are denim shirts comfortable and versatile, but they also are both causal and classy at the same time, thus turning into the perfect outfit in a variety of occasions, such as a Sunday brunch with friends or a normal working day. Plus, as said, denim shirts are timeless and extremely versatile, thus falling into that category of clothes which can actually be worn all year round.

Photo credits: http://dustjacket-attic.com/

During the winter, I have been wearing my chambray shirt under a comfy and warm sweater. In the picture, I have followed the army green trend and I have chosen a military green sweater and have styled it with a golden brown bag and leather ankle boots. I really love this color combination!

chambray shirt winter

In spring and summer, I like to leave my chambray shirt open, wearing it as a cardigan, and I love to pair it with a somewhat fancier dress. The outfit I have put together in the picture is both chic and laid-back: I love the way the floral dress and high heels contrast with the denim shirt, which adds a casual touch to the outfit.

denim shirt summer


Indeed, there are many more possibilities to style a chambray shirt. With black yoga pants for a super comfy outfit, tucked in in a mini-skirt for a Saturday night, denim on denim for every day. Here, you will find some inspiration and a lot of nice pictures.


  1. I love chambray shirts 🙂 nice post!

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    1. Thank you 😊


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