Cafés in Berlin: my Top 5

Berlin might not be for everyone, but with no doubt it is the place to be for coffee lovers. Indeed, the coffee culture in Berlin is – as Sarah Allen from the Barista Magazine – puts it “growing, and growing fast”.

From black coffee to Espresso, to latte art, Berlin can satisfy any wish you may have. The focus is on coffee quality and vegan alternatives – soy milk, almond milk and even coconut milk are to be found almost anywhere in the German capital.

but first coffee

As a coffee enthusiast on a strict diary-free diet, I have selected my top five coffee places in this amazing city. I love these places not only for their high quality coffee, but also for their tasty snacks and their cozy atmosphere. So, if you and I would have a coffee date this afternoon, here is where I would take you.



Five Elephant

Located at the end of the Reichenbergerstraße, Five Elephant is “a specialty coffee micro roastery, bakery and café”. The café is small, minimalistic and very cozy with its large wooden tables and its laid back atmosphere. The coffee at Five Elephant is sourced among the best coffee qualities of the world in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. As they put it, they “don’t just visit our partners at origin, but work to understand their processes, from cultivation to preparation. […] Our belief is that by opening up this coffee conversation, we can share some great coffee in a way we can be proud of.” And they really try to open a conversation with coffee enthusiast and professional baristas, also by offering workshops and crash courses about roasting and latte art.



Katie´s Blue Cat

Katie´s Blue Cat is the perfect place to spend your Sunday afternoon at. It is small, cozy and always crowded. Not only do they serve amazing coffee here (Katy´s Blue Cat uses the best machines available, and works together with Bonanza Coffee Roasters), but they also serve the best (partly gluten-free!) treats in Berlin. Indeed, they bake daily, using original English, American, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand recipes. The café has a Brooklin flair and has been mentioned in different blogs and magazines, among others Die Zeit and The New York Times.

12096072_908168999231854_7810674200031351371_n.jpgPhoto creds: Katies´s Blue Cat


Prenzlauer Berg

No Fire No Glory

No Fire No Glory is a charming café located in the so called Kollowitz Kiez, the district around the beautiful Kollowitz Platz. The place is spacious, clean and beautifully furnished – with a Danish touch. As they state on their website, at NFNG they “love to make, taste, learn about coffee and to provide [their] guests with an unforgettable coffee experience.” And, if this wasn´t promising enough, you should know that NFNG also works with Bonanza Coffee blends and only uses Demeter certified organic milk from Brodowin, which is delivered daily. My insider tip is to visit this café in late spring or early summer and sip your unique coffee blend while sitting at one of the many tables placed outside, directly on Ryekestraße.

Bonanza Coffee Roasters

Located near Mauerpark, Bonanza Coffee opened back in 2007 and quickly established itself as one of the best coffee places in Berlin. Although pretty small and unpretentious on the outside, the café is a real Mecca for all coffee lovers. On their website, they claim: “Our idea of roasting is the counter opposite of what is commonly regarded as the way to roast coffee, which is, we roast it as little as possible, enough to fully develop all flavors, with the aim to highlight what makes a coffee distinct. The resulting cup should be clean, clear and pure, free from tastes that are produced by the roast it self.” And, indeed, here you can taste clear and pure coffee of the highest quality, which can be enjoyed in their nice and minimalistic café, or bought on their online shop.



Silo Coffee

Last but not least, Silo Coffee is a minimalistic and stylish café located near Boxhagener Platz in Friedrichshain, at the very heart of the young and lively Berlin. Apart from serving amazing coffee, Silo also offers appetizing dishes. The highlight is with no doubt the Avocado on Sironi Toast, which is also available with gluten-free bread. This and other tasty treats make Silo Coffee a perfect place to visit for breakfast, or  – in line with the Berlin lifestyle – for a delicious brunch.

silo    Photo creds: Silo coffee


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