Winter essentials: Super cozy oversized knit sweater


If – as I happened to read in an article a couple of days ago – “the girl world is divided into two distinct parts: summer girls and winter girls”, then, well, I am definitely a summer girl.

I love everything about summer: the long bright days, the sun flooding my bedroom in the morning, the lazy afternoons spent at the park, the open air parties.. The list could go on forever. Still, it is not just about the sunny and nice weather – in summer, I feel more energetic, proactive and predisposed to positive thinking. Be it because of the increased vitamin D intake or because of summer holidays, in the time span between the end of May and the beginning of September, I am at my best. I look better, I feel better and I think better.

However, in spite of being the kind of person who every year will toy with the idea of flying to Thailand over Christmas, I am still convinced that winter, too, has its own beauties and gems. Indeed, winter has a special charm of its own. At its best, winter is cozy and sweet; it reminds me of lazy Sundays spent watching series in bed, of cuddles, of hot cocoa and scented candles.

As an Italian girl who moved to the north of Germany, I have learnt to appreciate and enjoy even the coldest of winters. Indeed, there are three things I really love about winter in Berlin – snow, Christmas markets and oversized knit sweaters.


Oversized sweaters have been an all-time high in winter and fall collections for the past three to five years. They are still a trending item and have the huge advantage of being extremely comfortable and warm, which makes them a closet must-have for everyone living outside Bali.

Furthermore, oversized knits are extremely versatile: they can be styled with skinny jeans, yoga pants or even mini-skirts; and they are perfect both for a working day and for a cozy weekend. Indeed, I do wear oversized sweaters very often in winter, both at home and at the office (guess what I am wearing now 😉 ). My favorite way to wear this comfortable and cozy item is with skinny jeans and ankle-boots. Here is a super comfy and classic winter look I thought of, with a neutral-colored oversized knit, skinny jeans, the all-time high Lumberjack boots and a beige bobble hat.

winter look

Indeed, this style is perfect for a working day. On the other hand, if you want to wear your comfy sweater on a special occasion, you can make it look sexy and chic by wearing it with a skirt or hot pants and a long necklace.


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